Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Candy Ball Tutorial - Great for any Special Event

This is one of my favorite holiday projects to do, but could be done for any special occasion that you want to serve candy at.

Items needed:

1 sundae cup (or short open vase) to hold the Styrofoam ball
1 Styrofoam ball (usually 5 or 6 inch round ... but will depend on the size that will fit our base)
1 ornament or topper
Hot glue gun
Straight pins with misc color heads to them
3 to 5 lbs of individually wrapped candy (again depends on the size of the ball)
NOTE:   Candy needs to be individually wrapped with the twisted ends.  Usually found in bulk candy bins or candy by the bag.  

1,  Fill the base with wrapped candy, ribbon, buttons, ... anything that will match your theme.
2.  Hot glue the Styrofoam ball in place.
3.  Now work from the bottom and work around each row and then start a new row fitting the pieces into place.
          Put a drop of hot glue on one of the twisted ends.
          Hold it up against the ball and pin into place.
          Keep doing this until ball is filled in except for the space on the top.
         Hot glue the ornament top on.  You want it secure.

When finished, add a bow to the base if you would like.

AND don't forget to make a card using Fun Stampers Journey products.

To eat a piece of the candy.   Just twist the end sticking out (wrapper stays attached to the ball because of the hot glue and pin.

Not advisable for homes with small children because of the pins.

Just a bit of holiday tradition from em today.

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach Executive Leader
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

TIP: Fun Stampers Journey "Journey Silks" And Gift Ideas

As you may be aware the Journey Silks have a small steel ball inside to help mix up the color.   Always mix well before using.

Some of the Silks (such as the Dark Roast) are a thicker medium.   If you find that the Silks have become too thick, Richard Garay stated that by adding just a few drops of water to the bottle you can thin the Silk.   Be sure to shake well after adding the water.

Christmas Orders:

You still have time to place an order as a Christmas gift. Remember we have beautiful jewelry, planners, pencil sets, and so many craft supplies.   If you have questions or need help picking out the perfect gift, just drop me an e-mail.   I will be glad to help.  

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach Executive Leader
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Monday, December 5, 2016

Some Samples of Our Finished Christmas Cards

The other day I showed you what I was using to make some of our Christmas cards this year.   We have created a couple of different styles this time inside of making all the cards alike.   So there will be Santa Suits, Cocoa Mugs, Rustic and MORE!!!!   These are the cocoa mug ones.

I apologize for the poor lighting on these.   My light box is currently dismantled.   It will be up and running again hopefully by next weekend.   We have been moving things around to make things easier for me to get to.

Added some red color using the Color Burst Pencils to the mug. 
Also added a Pretty Flakes Accent to the center of the mug.
I removed the adhesive back to it and then using craft glue, glued to the mug.

Both versions have the cocoa colored in with Color Burst Pencils.

 There are 3 layers to the sentiment that is placed on the inside of the card.

Fun Stampers Journey Products Used:

Christmas Mug Stamp Set AT-0224 (Bloom Benefit)
Christmas Mug Die DI-0234 (Bloom Benefit)
Pretty Flakes Accents AC-0240 (Bloom Benefit) 
Happy Holidays Embossing Folder EF-0009
Journey Rectangles Die Set DI-0041 set of 12 dies
Journey Color Burst Pencils JM-0077
Black Licorice Ink Pad IP-0041
Green Olive Card Stock CS-0113
Whip Cream Card Stock CS-0040
Pomegranate Splash Card Stock CS-0027
Journey Brush Silver Card Stock CS-0135
Craft Glue AD-0111
Journey Foam Squares AD-0084 small OR AD-0085 medium
Journey Platinum Die Cutting Machine TO=0090 
    OR  Amaze Die Cutting Machine TO-0134

Since the holidays are such a busy time of the year I may not be posting to my blog 5 days a week this month.   I am checking e-mail daily, so please let me know if you have questions or need help with an order.  

New Mini Catalog - January 2017
I have just ordered the new mini catalog for each of my customers.   They will be shipped to me in a couple of weeks and I will mail them out to you towards the end of the month.   Anyone who has placed a minimum of a $50 order with me during the last six months will automatically receive one at no charge.  Anyone that is new to me as a customer and places a minimum $50 order this month will automatically receive a catalog from me.

As of 1 January 2017, the new mini catalog will be available to view on-line also via my blog and my business website.

Mary Director
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Friday, December 2, 2016

Video Tutorial for the December Bloom Box Kit - Fun Stampers Journey

Each month Richard Garay gives us a video of tips and techniques to use while making our cards in the Bloom Box Kit.

Here are the finished cards from the kit for December 2016:

If you are reading this post via e-mail, the direct link to the video is:

If you would like to subscribe to the monthly Bloom Box Kit, you may order through my business website (link in my signature).   $24.95 per month plus tax and shipping ... you are billed monthly for each kit .  Includes everything to need to make four beautiful cards.

Mary Director
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Card Sneak Peek

This week has been super busy.   Spent a great deal of the day yesterday making cards, but still have more to go. 

Today I am just going to share a SNEAK PEEK of the card elements we are using for some of our cards this year.   I promise to show the finished product very soon.

Can you visualize what it will look like?   All products used are from Fun Stampers Journey.

Will share soon.   Hope you are having a great week.

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach Executive Leader
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Making Christmas Cards Together - Family Time

I don't remember a time that my husband, Hal, wasn't willing to help me with any crafting project.   Whether I needed paper cut, images stamped, items die cut or trips all over town to find a perfect item for a crafting project, Hal is always willing to help.

The other night I decided to work on our Christmas cards.   The card I am making has lots of layers and as a result, lots of cutting.   Hal volunteered to help and the two of us worked for a number of hours paper cutting, die cutting, and embossing.

Hal helping to cut the card stock.

 I have both the Amaze and the Platinum Machine set up.
At one point BOTH were being used.
So nice to have two machines so that both of us could be working at the same time.

I have the card pieces all set out ready to be put together.   I have friends coming over on Wednesday, and we are all going to work on our own cards that day.   Hoping to finish our holiday cards then.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.   Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach Executive Leader
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fun Stampers Journey December 2016 Bloom Box Sneak Peek - Welcome Wreaths Stamp Set

The December Bloom Box features the brand new "Welcome Wreaths" stamp set and includes everything you need to make these four beautiful cards except for adhesive and inks. 

Wouldn't this make a wonderful early Christmas present for a member of your family or one of your friends. 

1.   Subscription is for 6 months.   You are billed on the 1st of each month.
2.   Subscription starts in the month you sign up in ... so if you sign up today or tomorrow, your first kit will be our November Bloom Box and the 2nd one will bill/ship around the 1st of December.
3.   Kit includes full stamp set (usual value of the stamp set alone is $17 to $20).
4.   Kit is $24.95 per month plus tax & shipping.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I highly recommend these kits.   Such great "HAPPY MAIL" for for subscribers each month.

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach Executive Leader
24/7 on-line ordering available