Monday, May 13, 2019

Fun Painting With Watercolors Today

Painting doesn't come second nature to me, so I am learning along the way.   Today I just wanted to do something a bit free form and fun to create.   One of the members (Kaitlyn Ahalt) of Let's Make Art - Watercolor group on Facebook shared a sketch of a VW Bug.   I traced the design onto watercolor paper, then painted it with Grumbacher Academy Watercolor tube style paints.   Then I fussy cut the car out when it was dry.    I created a multi-color background with the same paints.   Wanted to give the card a 70s look.

The car was attached with foam squares so it sits above the base.   Gives it a more dimensional look this way.  

It has been interesting working with the different types of watercolors.   I have a set of half pans (solids), a few liquid, and a few tubes.   The tubes give the greatest depth of color.   Each type gives a different look to the finished product.   The Grumbacher paints didn't seem to fade as it dried, and I had a bit more control with it when applying to my design.

Not sure how far I will pursue my painting, but it is fun to learn new things for my card making.

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Shoppes Theme - TryFolds Stamp Set

Today is my 2nd day of showing casing the TryFolds stamp sets from Art Impressions that I purchased from Teaspoon of Fun during their sale in April.   Yesterday, if you missed it, there was a beach themed card.

 Art Impressions
TryFolds - 4339 Shoppes TF Stamp Set

 Front of card.
I adhered the card to a blue card base.

 Card completely closed.
I like how each section peeks out. 

 Card with left fold open.
Shows the inside 2 layers.

Card with both the left and right fold open.
It will stand on its own this way if you would like to display it.

"Good things are just around the corner."

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Beach Themed Card - TryFolds Stamp Set

During the month of April, Teaspoon of Fun, offered a good discount on any orders placed through them for Art Impressions products.  I ordered two of the TryFolds (card with 3 layers to it) stamp sets.    I couldn't wait to share them with you.   So today is the beach themed set, and tomorrow I will share the shoppe themed set.  Each set comes with 3 image stamps and 1 sentiment stamp.   They are coordinated to go together or can be used separately.   Directions are on the back of the packaging and easy to follow.  These are cling style rubber stamps.

Art Impressions
4577 - Beach TF Set 

I adhered the card to a purple base.

This is the card closed.
All 3 layers of stamps.

Left side fold opened.

Left  side and right side folds are open.
This is the inside of the card.
When open like this, the card will stand on its own.

Sentiment for this stamp set: 
 "may your life be filled with blessings as countless as the grains of sand"

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Happy Birthday and Thinking of You Cards

Here are three cards I made this last week.   Each uses a different technique, but all were easy to create.

 The first card was made using an embossing folder and a stamp set that were included in the Tonic Cardmaking Magazine.   The magazine is now sold out.  I covered the embossed image with:
Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - Pure Platinum (color) - Nuvo.   The stained glass stamped image was colored in with Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens

 I stamped random flower pots to create this background.   This did a stripe of copper/bronze to accent each one.   The card base also had bronze silks to tie in the colors.   Hello is a die from FSJ.

The last card is layers of matching pink card stock and ribbon.    I used my Altenew Watercolor Half Pans to color the flowers and leaves.   Then covered the flower and leaves with FSJ Journey Glaze to give it shine.   Stamp set is from FSJ also.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Anniversary Cards

Life got a bit hectic this last week, so I am a little behind on posting here to my blog.   Even though I Haven't posted, I have been creating numerous styles of cards.    Today I will share the two anniversary cards I made. 

Tonic Cardmaking Magazine (Tulips)
Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils
FSJ Yummy Dots Embossing Folder
FSJ Rainbow Drops

FSJ Heart Strip Die Set

I used the die cut hearts (the pieces that were cut out) as accents on the inside and back of both cards.   Felt it added an extra touch to both of them.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Rose And Tulip Dies Make a Beautiful Card

Part of my birthday gift was the Tonic Cardmaking Magazine. carried it here in the US.   It is now showing as sold out.   I was amazed at all the dies, stamps, embossing folder, and cardstock that came with the magazine.   It definitely is a great value.

Here's the first card I have made with it:

The half circle dies can be used as I did (both designs show) or can be cut twice to crate the same design on both sides.    Same with the corners ... each corner can be different or the same.   Fun to mix and match.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Potted Plants Stamp Set Used to Create an Easter Card

Penny Black makes the most beautiful rubber stamps, and I feel blessed to have acquired a few of them.   This is the last of the Penny Black Stamp Sets that Hal gave me for my birthday last week.   I love that these stamps can be easily colored in with pencils, Zig Real Brush Pens, Copics, watercolor pans and more!   This card is a mix of the stamped image, Altenew Watercolors Half Pan Set, Zig Real Brush Pens, and some metallic watercolors I had.    I wish you could see the shine from the metallic watercolor pans.   Really shiny and bright.

Altenew Watercolor Half Pan Set
Zig Real Brush Pens
Master's Touch Metallic Watercolors Pan Set

Penny Black Stamp Set - Potted Plants
NOTE:   I separated/cut one of the butterflies from the main
stamp set.   It was too tight of a fit for an A2 card with it attached.
This way I was able to get the full design on the A2 card by
stamping it as two separate images.

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