Friday, June 30, 2017

Perfect Gift Idea - Journey Girl Signature Tote - Fun Stampers Journey

Journey Girl Signature Tote Bag  TO-0084  $99.95
Journey Girl Tote Liner is TO-0104  $14.95

I've been eyeing this tote bag and liner for quite some time.   Since I had never seen it in person, I must admit I was a bit hesitant to purchase it.   During convention, Gabby Garay (Co-Founder of Fun Stampers Journey) came up on stage with the tote filled with flowers.   She was carrying it over her shoulder.   She and Richard did a demonstration on the new pieces of jewelry that will now be in our Bloom Collection.   In the Journey Store that day we were able to see the tote and liner in person.   It was just what I needed to be convinced that this was a great purchase for me.

It can be used as a tote or as a tote style purse, the choice is yours.   I have seen it used as a laptop bag (would depend on the size of your laptop, of course), craft tote, and a purse.  I think it would be a great travel bag too.   So many options, and a perfect gift item too.  

Here's some important observations about it that I would like to share with you.

1. It's leather, it's soft and much lighter in weight than I expected. It weighs approximately 2 lbs wit the liner inside. 

2. The green liner (separate purchase) is a perfect fit for the inside of the bag. The liner actually zaps into place and the top fully zips (love that).

3. Liner has 1 zippered pocket inside and 2 slide in pockets inside. It is a material not plastic or leather etc. Liner is flexible because of the fabric.

4.   Dimensions: (approximate)
      13" high (without handles).
      9" from the top of the tote to the top of the handles
     14" wide (striped area left to right)
     5 1/2" depth (side panel)
     6" wide base

5. Tote will stand up on its own. Doesn't fall over, doesn't cave in (don't you hate that when you set your purse down and it falls over).

6.  The tote will easily fit over your shoulder.

Liner is snapped into place and zipped closed.
Photo taken up above looking down.

Liner snapped into place and unzipped.
Large zippered inside pocket on right.
Two slide in pockets on left.

Perfect fit over my shoulder.
Easy to carry and roomy too.

If you would like to purchase a printed copy, 
It should ship as soon as the order is processed.
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