Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Product Review: Fun Stampers Journey "Just Write Gels" Pens

Just Write Gels (pens)
12 Gel Pens in a locking case

These Just Write Gels are on Page 17 of the Be the Journey Trends Mini Catalog that is valid from 1 October 2016 Through 31 December 2016.     They are showcased in the Journey Days Planner Section of the catalog.   

Product Information/Overview:

I received my set of Just Write Gels today.   I was impressed with the clear hard plastic case.   The case itself has 3 locking tabs to keep the pens secure at all times.   Each pen clicks into place within the case.   Each pen also has a locking cap to it (you can hear it click into place).   

The tip of each pen is very fine point.   The gel flows smoothly and without hesitation.

When the pens were mentioned on our Coach Connection Board (for Coaches only), one of the main questions was "Do they show up on dark card stock?".   So I had to try them on our Black Licorice Card Stock right away.   Here's the sample of what I did.   

For the sample above, I opened the pen case (as shown in the first photo) and wrote the word Bloom starting with the first pen on the left.   I used the pens in order and wrote the word going down the sheet of card stock.

There is a metallic look to each gel ... the photo doesn't show that.   The words glisten as you move the card stock around.

Here is the same done on Whip Cream Card Stock from Fun Stampers Journey.  The distinction of color really shows on the lighter card stock.  However I do like the coverage on the Black Licorice Card Stock too.   

NOTE:   These are only sold as a set, not individually.  

My Opinion:

I really like the pens, found them easy to use and like how well they do show up on dark card stock.   I would recommend them.    Good product, glad I purchased the set.   Works well on both light and dark card stock, but will admit better color distinction on the lighter. 

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