Monday, May 9, 2016

Fun Stampers Journey Clear Pigment Ink More Samples

I had so much fun creating my own background last week using the Journey Clear Pigment Ink Pad and different colors of Journey Card stock.

In the samples below I stamped them on a piece of card stock 3" x 5 1/2".  You can use any size piece of card stock that you want and almost any color.  Some colors work better than others in how well the stamped image shows up, but all of them add dimensions to the plain piece of card stock.   My samples last Friday show random stamping of the images.   Again, there is no right or wrong way to do this.   Pick a piece of card stock, the stamp(s) you want to use, and the Journey Clear Pigment Ink Pad.   Be sure your stamp is well inked before stamping.  

To clean your stamps, use the True Color Fusion Stamp Cleaner IP-0089.

Clear Pigment Ink Pad IP-0102     Re-inker IP-0077

Star Marquee set of 2 stamps  AT-0155 (retiring, available while supplies last)
Bubble Gum Card Stock CS-0099

Voyage Bound Stamp AT-0173
Cranberry Bliss Card Stock CS-0090

Feed Me Stamp Set of 4, AT-0160 Bloom Benefits
Lavender Fusion Card Stock CS-0017
Black Licorice Ink Pad IP-0041

Journey Birthday Stamp AT-0168 (not available for purchase)
(this stamp was a birthday gift from FSJ to me on my birthday)
Sweet Pear Card Stock CS-0095

Dream Catcher Stamp AT-0120
Hazelnut Blend Card Stock CS-0013

Ink Splat Stamp AT-0108
Denim Days Card Stock CS-0082

Let's Ride Stamp AT-0039
Blue Lagoon Card Stock CS-0004

Hope you enjoyed seeing all the samples today.   As you can tell, it is truly amazing all that you can do and create with this one ink pad.   The Clear Pigment Ink is also used with embossing powder.  You stamp the image first with it, then cover with embossing powder, and then heat set.   

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach
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