Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Candy Ball Tutorial - Great for any Special Event

This is one of my favorite holiday projects to do, but could be done for any special occasion that you want to serve candy at.

Items needed:

1 sundae cup (or short open vase) to hold the Styrofoam ball
1 Styrofoam ball (usually 5 or 6 inch round ... but will depend on the size that will fit our base)
1 ornament or topper
Hot glue gun
Straight pins with misc color heads to them
3 to 5 lbs of individually wrapped candy (again depends on the size of the ball)
NOTE:   Candy needs to be individually wrapped with the twisted ends.  Usually found in bulk candy bins or candy by the bag.  

1,  Fill the base with wrapped candy, ribbon, buttons, ... anything that will match your theme.
2.  Hot glue the Styrofoam ball in place.
3.  Now work from the bottom and work around each row and then start a new row fitting the pieces into place.
          Put a drop of hot glue on one of the twisted ends.
          Hold it up against the ball and pin into place.
          Keep doing this until ball is filled in except for the space on the top.
         Hot glue the ornament top on.  You want it secure.

When finished, add a bow to the base if you would like.

AND don't forget to make a card using Fun Stampers Journey products.

To eat a piece of the candy.   Just twist the end sticking out (wrapper stays attached to the ball because of the hot glue and pin.

Not advisable for homes with small children because of the pins.

Just a bit of holiday tradition from me today.

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Fun Stampers Journey Coach Executive Leader
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