Friday, May 12, 2017

Fun Day For Sharing Some of My Photos- Zippy - Fun Stampers Journey

 Ty Brand
Left to Right
Rosie, Zippy, Zippy (tiny with a clip), Cruiser, and Shuffler
Quite a family and so colorful.

Fun Stampers Journey has adopted the Ty Zippy Turtle as our mascot thanks to Richard Garay rescuing one from an event he was at.   Someone dropped theirs and never came back to claim him.  So Richard adopted him and has taken Zippy all over the world in his travels since last fall.   Zippy is the 2nd one from the left.   Thanks to my dear friend, Joan, I now have Rosie, Zippy (with clip) and Shuffler too.   I had found Cruiser at our local Hallmark so added him to the collection too.

Storage of my sponges and dauber dowel pads.
This is actually a bead holder for someone who makes jewelry.
I have 2 of these so every color represented that we sell.
Yes, I like to be organized.

This was just a fun card I made after the
RG Presents Project Me last Saturday.
The card edge is the white and it is cut through both
front and back with a fold on top.   Turned out
really cute.  Will be in the new catalog for July 1, 2017.


1.  The retirement list (Break-up Sale and Clearance Sale) will be live as of May 16.   All items will be available while supplies last.   Also please note that this will be the day our new website goes live too.   Complete details will be posted as soon as I have them.

2.  New Website:   Goes Live May 16th.
When is the last day to order in the current system?
Sunday, May 14 is the last day to order.
Close all parties and place your orders by May 14 at 11:59 p.m.
The current system will close down on May 15.
The new system will be up on May 16.

3.  Break-up Sale & Retirement Sale will start Thursday, May 18th instead of the 16th.  
When the new system launches, the Break-up Sale (30% off select items) and the Retirement Sale (50% off select items) will go live too. Items are on sale "while quantities" last.

 Please contact me directly if you have order questions or question about becoming a Coach/a member of my team.    As always, orders may be placed through my business website.    Don't forget you earn a FREE Bloom Benefit for each $50 increment of your order (before tax & shipping).   It's a "Thank You" gift from Fun Stampers Journey for using our products.

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach Manager
24/7 on-line ordering available

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