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Product Spotlight: PanPastels + Sparkle Silk - Fun Stampers Journey Products

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Fun Stampers Journey just shared this product spotlight with us yesterday.   I have been playing with it and really like the WOW factor of the Silks and the color of the PanPastels when mixed together.   It does create a HUGE amount of sparkle, just like glitter would.   I am currently working on a card to share with you, but in the meantime wanted to share this video too.

All of our PanPastels are currently on sale too for 20% off during the month of September 2017.  Here's the link to them on my Fun Stampers Journey website, if you would like to order any of them.  Click Here.
NOTE:   The full sets come with a set of Sofft Tools.   There are just a few of the PanPastels that are sold individually, and we do also sell the Sofft Tools alone.


Confectionary Days PanPastels 
7 pans plus palette & 5 piece tool kit
Confectionary Days Color Me Washi AC-0235
Confectionary Days PanPastels JM-0079:
1.  Cool Pool 620.8 Phthaio Green Tint
2.  Pool Play 560.8 Phthaio Blue Tint
3.  Pretty Amethyst 470.8 Violet Tint
4.  Sweet Pear 680.8 Bright Yellow Green Tint
5.  Pineapple Smoothie 270.5 Yellow Ochre
6.  Banana Cream 250.8 Diarylide Yellow Tint
7.  Bubble Gum 340.8 Permanent Red Tint
Party Pop PanPastels
 7 pans plus palette & 5 piece tool kit
Party Pop Color Me Washi AC-0237

Party Pop PanPastels JM-0081:
1.  Beach Breeze 580.5 Turquoise
2.  Beach Ball 560.5 Phthaio Blue
3.  Lemon Drop 220.5 Hansa Yellow
4.  Candy Apple 340.5 Permanent Red
5.  Citrus Cooler 280.5 Orange
6.  Whip Cream 100.5 Titanium White
7.  Black Licorice 800.5 Black
Mother Nature PanPastels
7 pans plus palette & 5 piece tool kit
Mother Nature Color Me Washi AC-0238

Mother Nature PanPastels JM-0080
1.  Catalina Splash 560.3 Phthalo Blue Shade
2.  Denim Days 520.1 Ultra Blue Extra Dark
3.  Green Olive 220.1 Hansa Yellow Extra Dark
4.  Fresh Forest 640.1 Perm Green Extra Dark
5.  Pomegranate Splash 340.3 Permanent Red Shade
6.  Cocoa Powder 380.1 Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark
7.  River Stone 840.7 Paynes Gray Tint
Rich Sorbets PanPastels
7 pans plus palette & 5 piece tool kit
Rich Sorbets Color Me Washi AC-0236

Rich Sorbets Pan Pastels JM-0082
1,  Deep Lilac 430.1 Magenta Extra Dark
2.  Pretty Pansy 470.3 Violet Shade
3.  Huckleberry Fusion 520.3 Ultramarine Blue Shade
4.  Kiwi Slice 660.5 Chrom Oxide Green
5.  Summer Days 250.5 Diarylide Yellow
6.  Pumpkin Bread 740.5 Burnt Sienna
7.  Sweet Berry 430.5 Magenta 
This is a photo of the tool kit that comes
 with each of the sets shown above.
 These are sold separately.
One in the middle is:
Journey Colorless Blender
See the other two below.

PanPastels Sold Separately:
1.  Journey Colorless Blender 010 Colorless Blender  .... item #JM0095
2.  Journey Brushed Gold 910.5 Light Gold .... item #JM-0096
3.  Journey Brushed Silver 921.5 Pewter .... item #JM-0097
Journey Brush Gold PanPastel
Journey Brush Silver PanPastel

The four (4) new PanPastels are:   (premiered July 1, 2017)

FSJ Colors/PanPastel Colors
JM-0113 Limeade Splash = 675.5 Light Green
JM-0111 Raspberry = 340.1 Permanent Red Ex Dark
JM-0110 Lemongrass = 680.3 Bright Yell Green Shade
JM-0112 Hazelnut Blend = 740.3 Burnt Sienna Shade

Here's a pdf file with basic instructions of how to use the PanPastels.

Media Mix Promotion for September 2017:  Select items on sale for 20% off

YES, the Gel Press is part of this sale!!!!

If you would like to see the PDF File that lists all of these items on sale, please CLICK HERE.

There are so many wonderful items on sale:   stencils, wood media, acrylic paint, PanPastels, Journey Gel Press and Fluttering Hearts Gel Impressions Plate, Brayer, and brushes.

This is a great way to stock up on your mixed media products while they are on sale during the month of September 2017.

Recruiting Promotion for September 2017:


Sign up to become a Journey Coach in September 2017.   Submit your first qualifying order of $150 or more and Fun Stampers Journey will ship this Media Mix Bundle to you (over a $100 value) for FREE! (Qualifying orders must be placed before October 31, 2017).

I would love to have you on my team.   Let me know if you have questions.

Please click here to view the PDF file that shows all the items by name/item number in this bundle.  Such an amazing offer. 

If you would like to place an order or sign up to become a Fun Stampers Journey Coach, here is the link to my business website:

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach Manager
24/7 on-line ordering available

My YouTube Channel

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