Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fun Stampers Jouney Color Splash and Color Burst Pencils Have ARRIVED!!!! - Part 2

I was so excited to received my Journey Color Splash and Color Burst Pencils the other day from Fun Stampers Journey.   They are "amazing" and I know you are going to love them too.

 Journey Color Splash (one on left) JM-0079
(48 watercolor pencils in a metal tin)
Use water & included brush to create with these pencils.

Journey Color Burst (one on right) JM-0077
(48 Pure Color Pencils in Metal Tin)
  Glide on smooth & easy.
Update 7/30/2016 about the Color Burst pencils:  The pencils are waxed based with a light oil coating.   It is a special blend to create true color with pigment.   My blog originally stated that the pencils are oil based.  

Comparison of Color Splash (watercolor) and Color Burst (oil base) pencils.

Colors used in both containers:
39 for the bear's body
09 for the muzzle of his face
03 for the chevron patch
35 for the dots patch

I did NOT do any shading ... just straight coloring on Whip Cream card stock (did NOT use the Color Splash paper).

Both are easy to use. I did use the Color Burst Blenders TO-0123 with the Color Burst, but not sure it made a huge difference. Maybe smoothed the coloring out a bit. With the watercolor I colored in the bear, then used the brush (there is one in the container). I lightly dampened the brush, tapped it off, and then worked on the coloring.

Happy with both. Both give a different look. Again, these were identical color numbers for the pencils out of each set.

 More Comparions - this time also used Color Splash Sheets   JM-0076

Another comparison photo for you ... (on the one sheet)
1st: Color Splash with Color Splash paper
2nd Color Splash with Whip Cream Card Stock
3rd Color Burst with Whip Cream Card Stock

Colors used:
41 for center of flower
3 for main part of flower
11 highlight in orange
16 highlight in yellow

Photo showing partially finished coloring
  Color Splash with Color Splash Paper
(gives you kind of a before and after applying water). The Color Splash paper has quite a bit of texture to it and will not warp as easily

Photos showing partially finished coloring
  Color Splash with Whip Cream Card Stock
(gives you kind of a before and after applying water). 
Because I was using a low amount of water, no real warping on the Whip Cream card Stock.
Whip Cream Card Stock is smooth texture. 

Fun Stampers Journey Products:
Journey Color Splash Pencils (watercolor)  JM-0078
Journey Color Burst Pencils (pure color) JM-0077
Color Splash Sheets JM-0076 (watercolor paper)
Color Burst Blenders TO-0123 6 pack, 2 of each size
Blender Tip Cleaners TO-0124 12 sheets


Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE both types of pencils.   I spent the whole weekend playing with them and know for fact that along with my PanPastels they are going to be used a great deal.   It is so fantastic to have so many options available to choose from for coloring in an image.

Be sure to see yesterday's blog post too for additional information and photos about these pencils.

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach
24/7 on-line ordering available

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