Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fun Stampers Journey PanPastels - How I Store Them and Labeled Them

Although the PanPastels come in an acrylic box, I wanted something a bit more easy to access and that would take up less storage space too.   Our brand new media bags worked well (Thank you to Terri Cumpata-Ott and Jennifer Paar Gross for sharing your idea).

The larger Media Bag holds 2 sets of PanPastels in their palette/tray.   The smaller bag is perfect for the Sofft Tools (sponges & handles) that are used with this product.

All set up in the Large Media Bag.

I labeled the sides of the palette with the collection name.
Easy to identify which one I want to pull out.  

I bought 2 sets of the Media Bags.
Each large one has the PanPastels in their palette/tray (2 sets per bag).
Smaller Media Bags used for tools and the paper flyers that came with the PanPastels.

Color Breakdown for PanPastels are HERE on my blog.  They also are on the bottom of the flyer inside the acrylic box they come in.

I took our label maker and labels the covers of the palette trays, the Media bags, and the bottom of each PanPastels.   Labeling the bottom of each jar took a bit of time, but was worth it to me.  I usually work with them in the palette/tray, but this way if they are taken out I know where they go when I put the sets back together.    Each jar has the PanPastels color on the bottom.  It does NOT have the corresponding Fun Stampers Journey Color.   That is why I decided I wanted them labeled.

Labels are on the cover of the palette/tray.


Cocoa Powder is the Fun Stampers Journey Color.
380.1 Red Iron Oxide Ex Dark is the PanPastel Color.
So now each of my jars have both.

Important Note:  

Be sure you use the jar lid (only one per set of 7 colors in the palette) to remove the jar.   Makes it so much easier, plus then you have something to hold on to while you label the bottom of the jar if you decide to do this.

The jars can actually be screwed into each other/stacked with the lid on top.   Great for taking to a crop or for storage if you would like to store them that way.  I like them best in the palette/tray so I have a good view of each color.

Fun Stampers Journey Products Used:

Media Bags TO-0109  Set of 2 (12" x 9 1/2", 11 1/8" x 8 1/4")
PanPastels of your Choice --- 4 sets to choose from
    Confectionary Days PanPastels  JM-0079
    Rich Sorbets PanPastels JM-0082
    Party Pop PanPastels JM-0081 
    Mother Nature PanPastels JM-0080

My Thoughts:

I love the PanPastels.   Finding that I am using them more and more.   Great product, highly recommend.   Labeling them just made it easier for me to use.   Most people will be happy with the way they come packaged.


Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach 
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  1. LOVE this idea for storage AND labeling! Thank you Mary!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I'm glad you found this post helpful.


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