Friday, June 24, 2016

PanPastels - My First Project Using Them And a Sneak Peek

Here's my first creation using the new PanPastels from Fund Stampers Journey.  Did you notice the new Artist Trading Stamp:  Life Music AT-0180

Close-up Photo
Stencil:  Falling Petals JM-0001

Confectionary Days PanPastels JM-0079

For my card base I used the Falling Petals Stencil and the Confectionary Days PanPastels.   Using a sponge, I alternated colors on the stencil.  

On the background piece for the Music Life ATS, I sponged the PanPastels directly onto the cardstock to give contrasting looks to the card's backgrounds.  
NOTE:  I did find that with the stencil, there was a tendency for the chalk to come off on my fingers when handling that design.   With a stencil on smooth card stock, the PanPastels don't work into the grain/tooth of the paper because it is smooth.   When applying directly to the paper with no layer (like a stencil), the Pan Pastels grab the grain/tooth well and there is little or none coming off on your fingers when handling.   A fixative (we do not sell any type) could be used if you wanted.  Please do not use hairspray --- it may work, but can cause your creation to yellow in time.
Extra Note:  With stencils, a mixed media product like Journey Gesso (JM-0072) or Journey Modeling Paste (JM-0073) would be great.  Using a spatula go over the stencil that has been placed on your card base.  Smooth out, remove and clean stencil.  Once paste is dry (quick drying is my understanding) then use the PanPastels on it.   Gives texture and dimension to your design.  I just ordered both the Gesso and the Paste.   Will be trying them soon.
My Review:   After using the PanPastels the last few days with testing and creating cards, I really LOVE THEM!!!!   No regrets on this purchase.  I think they are very versatile, easy to use, not messy and the outcome is beautiful.  I still have lots to learn about them, but feel they would be a good product even for a beginning crafter.   So nice that the sets have a 5 piece Sofft Tool Set included.

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach
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  1. Thanks, Mary. I too noticed lots of color on my hands (and everywhere else!) when I tried with the stencil - I'll try gesso. I love your product reviews!

    1. Wilma, thank you for taking the time to leave me comments here on my blog. It is appreciated. I'm glad my product reviews are helpful to you.

      I did order a unscented/no odor fixative called SpectraFix, but it arrived with a damaged nozzle. So I did go and purchase unscented hairspray to try. Hairspray is NOT recommended by the manufacturer of PanPastels as it can cause yellowing over time. Felt because this was for a greeting card not wall art, that it was worth a try.

      Love, love, love the PanPantels though and the look they create. I know I will be using them a great deal.

      Have fun being creative.


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