Monday, June 6, 2016

Products Review: Journey Gold Ink Pad and Whip Cream Ink Pad

I've always prided myself on being upfront with my customers about how I feel about products that I sell.   This review is my opinion only based on my experience with these products.  I hope you find it helpful.

Today's review centers around two Fun Stampers Journey Products:   Journey Gold Ink Pad (Specialty Color) and the Whip Cream Ink Pad.

 Journey Gold Ink Pad IP-0106
NOTE:  It comes with a re-inker and a dry ink pad for you to ink.

You actually ink this pad when you receive it.  It is a bit more costly then the regular ink pads, but it is because of the re-inker that is included with the ink pad and that it is a specialty color.  It is recommended that once inked, this pad be stored upside down and in the resealable plastic bag it comes in.   Inking the pad only uses about 1/3 of the bottle of the ink.

My personal comments about Journey Gold Ink:   I'm stay pretty clean when stamping.  Rarely do I have ink all over my hands or work area just from stamping.   Well, with this ink I had gold on my work area, my hands, the stamp pad lid ... fortunately is came off my work area by using a paper towel and a bit of our stamp cleaner.  I work on a plastic folding table.  DO NOT spray the stamp cleaner near your good furniture.   I always work in a protected area, so no worries about splatters etc.   The ink came off my hands with soap and water, so that was great!!!

I found the stamp very hard to clean with this ink on it.   It is a thicker inks and gets into the tiny areas on the stamp.   Even with using a toothbrush (soft bristle) I still have tiny bits of gold ink on my stamp.   Once dry, those bits won't impact other stamping of this image.   Also because it is thicker, it takes more effort to get the ink off the stamp in general.   Not a big deal, but wanted you to be aware.

Stamps easily, just be sure to have full coverage of ink on your stamp.   Gold ink takes longer to dry.   So set your stamped image aside for a while and work on other parts of your project.

Here's a closeup of the stamped image.

The Journey Gold Ink dries with a very shiny metallic look to it.   It even has a texture to it.   Gorgeous.

Here are the two ink colors side by side.

Whip Cream Ink Pad IP-0009  is opaque in color and comes in a regular ink pad that already has ink on it.   

My personal comments about Whip Cream Ink:  Easy to use.  It is a thicker ink also, like the Journey Gold.   I found that I inked the stamp a couple of times before stamping to be sure I had good coverage.   Very easy to see the red rubber if an area is not inked completely.   It is a creamier texture - thicker ink.   As a result it takes a bit longer to dry.  Set it aside after stamping, and work on another part of your project while this dries.

Close-up of some of the stamped images.

The Whip Cream Ink dries with a bit of texture to it also.  It took a bit of effort to clean the ink off the stamp (not as difficult as the Journey Gold).   I also used the toothbrush on the stamp to get the ink out of the tiny areas.   I got all the Whip Cream Ink out of the stamp.   I have never had the need to use a toothbrush using the other standard Journey Fusion Colors, just using our cleaner and a lint-free rag has done the job.  

Final Thoughts on Both Products: 
For me, I found the Journey Gold Ink messy to use although the results are gorgeous.    Disliked that I couldn't get all the specks of the gold ink out of the tiny areas of my stamp.  Will I use this often?  Probably not. 

The Whip Cream was easy to use, but took a bit longer to clean the stamp and dry the stamped image.   Like the results.   Will I use this often?  Yes.

Each person/customer has to decide what is best for them and what effort they want to go through with their stamping projects.   I know if it was a very special occasion and the color needed was gold (like with a 50th wedding anniversary) I would definitely use this ink and know it was worth the extra time and effort.  

Fun Journey Stampers Products:
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Journey Gold Ink Pad IP-0106
Whip Cream Ink Pad IP-0009
Black Licorice Card Stock CS-0003
Pretty Pansy Card Stock CS-0029
True Fusion Stamp Cleaner IP-0089 (use with lint free cloth)

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach
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  1. Thanks, Mary. I appreciate reviews like this to help me make decisions on what to order or how to recommend to my customers.

    1. Wilma, I'm glad that you are finding these helpful.


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