Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Product Review: The Absorber --- Great for Cleaning Your Stamps

Another product review for you today.   After trying this product I had to share.  This is my personal opinion only.  

It is so important to clean and condition your Fun Stampers Journey stamp sets after you have used them.   Our True Color Fusion Stamp Cleaner IP-0089 is perfect for this task.

You spray a bit of the cleaner on a "lint free" cloth then rub the stamp.   The Journey Fusion Ink removes quickly and thoroughly with this method.  I had been using paper towels (not a good idea as they aren't lint free and can leave tiny bits of residue on the stamps).  

So I posted to one of the Journey Coach groups to see what everyone was using.  Oh my gosh, what a wide range of answers.  But over and over again, people were raving about the Absorber.   We were at a big box store the other day, so stopped by their auto department to pick one up.   It was $10 and is 27" x 17" (over 3 square feet according to the packaging).    AND since it was in lavender, how could I not get it.   (Big Smile).

Before the first use, you rinse the cloth with warm water and wring out.   Cloth is kept in the plastic container that it came in until ready for use.

It cuts very easily, so I cut a smaller size piece and put it in a snack size container.  That keeps the cloth moist until you are ready to use again.   If it dries out, just rinse in warm water and wring out.   I spray a couple of "spritz" of the True Color Fusion Stamp Cleaner right on the cloth and then clean my stamp.   Works so well.   I just move to a new area of the cloth if a different color of ink is being removed.   Then when I am completely done stamping, I rinse the cloth out with soapy water then clear rinse.   Wring out, then put back in the tiny container.   The larger piece is still in the large container for later use.

These two products have made stamp cleaning a breeze for me.   So little effort needed to get the ink off my Fun Journey Stampers stamp sets.   

I know many of you have the "stamp scrubbers", but there is a tendency to use a lot more cleaner than needed PLUS if the cleaner gets up under the stamp to the printed image it can remove the printed image.

This method takes us far less space on my work area too.   LOVE IT.   HAD TO SHARE!!!!!

You can also purchase these cloths at auto supply stores.   We found them a $1 more there plus they had an XL size ($4 more).   Either size works ... just remember you are going to cut it down to a smaller size and you can use each piece over and over again.

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach 
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