Monday, September 26, 2016

Embossing a Cut Image Using Journey Blooms Holiday Set of Dies

Did you realize that some of the Fun Stampers Journey Dies can also be used for embossing?  Look at the cutting part/edge of the die.  If there is extra metal inside the cutting edge, the die is embossable.

NOTE:   This is a photo intensive blog post.   It includes photos of how to do the embossing too.

Here's an example of a set that once cut, is perfect to use the die to emboss too.   Makes a huge difference in the details shown on your cut image.

Journey Blooms Holiday Set DI-0048 
Set of 8 Die Templates
Great for Christmas, Halloween, Snow Themes,
and a bow for all occasions.

Sandwich of how to do the embossing.
You leave the cardstock in the die AFTER cutting it out, and 
then place cut side up directly on the magnetic platform.
NO Cutting Plates Used

Here's the bat after being cut out.
Cutting side facing up.
Then I will put the Tan Embossing Mat on top.
Then the Green Embossing Plate on top of that.
It's already to run through the Journey Platinum Machine.  

Directions - Tutorial:

Each die was cut out the usual way using my  Journey Platinum Machine.
   1.  Magnetic Platform
   2.  Cutting Plate
   3.  Card Stock  
   4.  Die cut side facing down
   5.  Cutting Plate 

I removed the outer cardstock that was not part of the design.
Be sure to leave the cut image inside of the die.

To emboss the cut image, I used these steps with my Journey Platinum Machine:
  1.  Magnetic Platform
  2.  Die with card stock still attached (cut side up)
  3.  Tan Embossing Mat
  4.  Green Embossing Plate
       (these steps match the photo shown earlier in this blog post).


Wanted to show you a closer view of the bat.

The embossing really adds to the design of your cut image.  If I had not embossed these, so many of the designs would of been lost.   The embossing gives each design a much more finished look.

Try this with some of our other dies.   I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how many can not only be cut, but be embossed too using the die itself.

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Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach
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