Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My New Storage Solution for Re-Inkers, Silks, and Splashes

I am big fan of organization, especially when it comes to my craft items in my limited space.  This weekend I found two good solutions that were very affordable too.

From the Dollar Tree Store:

This is 3 of the containers stacked side by side.
There are 16 cubes in each container.
These are too small for the Fun Stampers Journey Silks
but are perfect for the re-inkers.

This is the label for it.

There are a number of different styles available.   As you can tell they are sold for cosmetics.   One of  the Coaches posted ones she found that had 9 cubes in a container.   That one will hold the Silks easily, but I couldn't find it at any of the stores we went to (went to 5).   The manager at one of the stores told me that each store does their own buying.   I also checked on-line and couldn't find any of these cosmetic containers.

So for a $4 investment (plus tax) I have have enough space for 64 re-inkers.   Big Wiin!!!!

From Bed, Bath, & Beyond:

 InterDesign:  Luci Vanity Spinner
(it is on a swivel).

The Luci Vanity Spinner retails for $19.99.  I had a $5 off coupon, so it was $14.99.  It easily holds 8 Silks in a section.  There are only 14 Silks available right now, so I have 8 in one section and 6 in the other.   For Splashes 4 fit in a section, and since I only have 8 of them this was perfect.   The center section (nothing in it yet) is perfect for the Spatula, Media Mister, a pair of scissors and more.   I really like that this is built on a Lazy Susan (swivel base).   

Very pleased with my new storage solution.  I'm getting more and more organized each week.  Would love to hear what you are using to meet your storage needs.   I'm in the process of switching over my stamps and dies to the Journey Storage System.   

 Journey Storage Brushed Silver TO-0126 2 piece set
Journey Storage Black & White TO-0127 2 piece set
Large Storage Pouches TO-0130  10 pack
Large Storage Tabs TO-0132  10 pack
Small Storage Pouches TO-0131 10 pack
Small Storage Tabs TO-0133

Here's a photo I took during convention of the Journey Storage.   Lynn Leusch and Richard Garay are doing the presentation on stage.

I have two sets of each color.  I couldn't decided which I liked better.  So I came up with a solution.   The Black & White ones I will use for Stamps and Accessories.   The Silver Ones will be for dies and for stamps with matching dies.   Silver = metallic/metal so easy to remember as I go to grab for one of them.  Plus I do plan to make tags for the outside to help show what I have inside of each storage case.

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Fun Stampers Journey Coach
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