Thursday, January 19, 2017

Time to Reorganize and Regroup .... Fun Stampers Journey Products and Life!

I am a brand loyal Fun Stampers Journey Coach/Executive Leader.   Not too often do I promote another company.    Since FSJ doesn't have anything like this (at this time), I wanted to share with all of you because it is such a great product.

This beautiful storage unit is my Christmas present.   It arrived today.   Hal ordered it from Organize More and it takes 4 to 6 weeks from order date to ship date (worth the wait).   This is the 2nd storage unit I have from them.   It is perfect for my Fun Stampers Journey Ink Pads and Refills and even has a few extra spaces.   The new units are all white, but if you were a previous customer they will paint the unit frame to match your other pieces.   My other piece was white interior with black exterior wood.  

Update 10/6/2017 ... Organize More now has a new version of this ink storage unit.  It is taller and not as wide, and holds 4 more ink pads and reinkers (total of 64 each).   Here's the link to the NEW VERSION ... CLICK HERE.  

This unit holds the Fun Stampers Journey Ink Pads and Refills side by side.   So easy now to find my reinker when needed.

It has 60 ink pad and 60 refill areas.   I have all the inks but two of them now (missing spots in the middle) and there is still room for 8 more ink pads and refill bottles each.    I have it sitting on the back of my work table so now I can grab the ink and/or refill bottle right away.

Being organized makes crafting so much easier.

Not only did I get the stand today, but my order came in too.   Lots of fun new things to start playing with!!!!!!   AND organize them into my Fun Stampers Journey Storage cases for stamps, dies, and embellishments. 

Update on Me:

As many of you are aware I flew to CA in September and had surgery procedures done on both of my eyes.   Well, it is time now to go to a local surgeon and have cataracts removed from both eyes.   The first procedure will be done at the end of the month and the other a week later if all goes well.   Thank goodness both will be done here as out-patient surgery, so will be home and not have to fly anywhere or stay overnight.

The big issue that has come up is that they don't know how long it will be before I can get back on the computer.   So while I am recovering, Hal will be checking my e-mail in the evenings.    I will give you more details at the end of next week.   I want you to still have top quality service from me, but also wanted you all to be aware that I will not be on my blog for a while once I have surgery. 

BE assured that my business site will still be up and running, and my e-mail will be checked on a regular basis.   Your orders when placed through my business site, go directly to corporate and they in turn do all the processing and shipping for each Coach.   So there won't be any delays to  you because of my surgery for your shipments.

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach
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