Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fun Stampers Journey Bloom Box - August 2016

Receiving my Fun Stampers Journey Bloom Box each month is something that I really look forward to.   It is a great product and not only guarantees me four (4) fun projects to work on but also give me a brand new stamp set each month too.  

Item #: KO-0001      Your Price: $24.95  (plus tax & shipping)
This is a six (6) month subscription which automatically renews until you cancel.   Your very first Bloom Box will the the kit featured that month.   So if you sign up now, you will receive the August 2016 kit as your first kit.  Kit includes everything you need EXCEPT for inks and adhesives.

Here's a video I did last week when I received my August Bloom Box:
If you are reading this via e-mail please go to YouTube to watch my video. 
Here's the link:

Richard Garay, President & Co-Founder of Fun Stampers Journey also does a video each month that gives us some tips for creating our cards.   Here's the link for his video if you would like to watch it too:

As I state in my video, even though I am a Coach, I don't have all the products.  So when my kits arrives I may or may not follow the directions that are given.   Also I like to step outside the box and make the cards my own too by putting my own spin on them.

Here's the examples they give us for this month's Bloom Box:

The following 4 cards are the cards that I made from this kit:

I used my Color Burst Pencils to color in the moose. 
Journey Color Burst JM-0077

I switched out the layout and stamps on this one.
 I added in a log fire from the Happy Camper SS-0133
Set of 15 stamps.
Colored fire in with Color Splash JM-0078

 I used the Color Splash Watercolor Pencils to color elk in.
Journey Color Splash Pencils JM-0078

This one I made quite a few changes on.
It was a square card, so I trimmed it down to fit an A2
envelope in height.  
Since the sentiment was "Heads you Win", I added in 
a quarter with the heads side up.
Used silks to add accent to the card too.
Dark Roast Silks IP-0095
Cranberry Bliss Silks IP-0094

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach
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  1. I love that you put your own spin on these. I usually take the stamps out and never get around to the kits. Yours look very professional.

    1. Thank you so much. I actually enjoy making the cards each month. Ages ago, I belong to another monthly club kit and most projects never got made. The Fun Stampers Journey ones grab my attention right away, so I look forward to making them.


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