Friday, August 26, 2016

Love the Fun Stampers Journey Silks

I took some photos of the Journey Silks to show you the type of bottles they come in and also created some color sheets to give you an idea of the look of the silk on Whip Cream Card Stock.   The Silks really have a shine to them.


 Misc Colors:

Be Amazing: 

The Silks are what I used on the Splatter Technique that I showed samples of this and last week.   They do NOT have an odor, come in a finger nail polish size bottle, and each lid has its own brush attached.

NOTE:   The Silks are the same size bottles ... however the lids are different in heights and brush length.   The taller ones are ones that I purchased with I first started.   The Be Amazing Collection is the newest.   No matter the size of the cap/brush, you are still getting the same quality product.

Silks may be tapped or painted onto a project.  They can be used on a stamp (clean right afterwards).   They are fun to do drops of color on acrylic sheets, spritz water and then place your card stock on it (Splatter technique) to create beautiful backgrounds.   So many options.   I love the shine to them.

My Review:
I highly recommend this product.   I like it so much that this last month I bought all the colors I was missing, so currently have all colors offered (shown above).

Definitely wear an apron or craft clothes because there can be some splatters if you are tapping the brush.   I tend to hold the cap lid too tight when I tap the brush, so it doesn't always splatter the first time for me.   As soon as I relax my grip, that really seems to help.   I like to that I can just dab with the brush instead if I want or can use the brush to fill in an area that I feel needs a bit more of that color.

Updated Note: (8/26/2016) ... Before using, make sure lid is on tight then gently shake the bottle of Silk.   While it has been sitting, it will separate and will need to be mixed up (by shaking) before using.   You will probably hear a small ball in the bottle.   This helps in getting the separated solution off the base of the bottle.   

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