Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fun Stampers Journey Geo Burst Die - Day 3 of 3

Today, let's think outside the box.   The Geo Burst die is gorgeous as a decorative panel or card front.   The more I looked at it, the more I realized it could be cut apart too and made into other designs:   flowers and borders or ???

Here's a couple of designs I made by cutting the Geo Burst design apart:

Just a reminder what the full panel looks like.
I was able to cut two full flowers and a border out of
each panel.   I'm sure there are more
combinations too. 
This sample is from yesterday's blog post.   This 
card stock was not used in the cards below.

Love the look of the lacy flowers and border.
The Rainbow Drops adds a sparkle to the card too.  

Fun to take some our Fun Stampers Journey
Printed Paper to add an accent border to the card.
Rainbow Drops added (upper left of card)
and for the center of each flower.

The rainbow drops come in their own hard plastic container that has 
sliding locks on the front.
768 pieces, 6 colors, 3 sizes of each color.

My Review of Rainbow Drops:

The Rainbow Drops were  in a previous mini catalog from Fun Stampers Journey.   They were so popular that they were brought back as a item in our new catalog last month.   I really like them.   They are easy to use.  Just add a drop of craft ink, glue dot, or Journey Glaze on the back to adhere them.   They have such sparkle to them.   The container of them costs $24.95.   Remember, it contains 768 pieces, 6 colors, and 3 sizes of each color.   So really a good price for this box of embellishments.

Fun Stampers Journey Products Used:

Cosmic Grape Card Stock CS-0122  (first photo only)
Green Olive Card Stock CS-0113
Lemongrass Card Stock CS-0019
Sweet Berry Card Stock CS-0034
Denim Days Card Stock CS-0081
Journey Foam Squares AD-0084 small OR AD-0085 medium
Craft Glue AD-0111
Geo Burst DI-0217
Journey Platinum Machine TO-0090
Summer Branch Die DI-0163 (leaves)
Rainbow Drops AC-0178
Celebrate You Prints PP-0027

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach
24/7 on-line ordering available

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