Monday, April 25, 2016

Add a Little Sparkle to Your Projects Using Journey Sparkle Dust

IMPORTANT NEWS FIRST - Lemon Drop and Limeade Splash Ink Pads:   We were told this last week.  I don't have either color, but wanted to get the word out to all of you in case anyone might be "scent sensitive".    "Lemon Drop and Limeade Splash tend to have the strangest smells.   That being said the smell only comes from the ink pad and is not transferred to your card stock once it's stamped and dried.   Please keep in mind that these two do have a smell due to the hybrid configuration of the pigment."  It was discussed on the Coaches' board and most didn't even notice any odor, while a few others did.   Again, this is just a heads up for those who are "scent sensitive".  It is only these two colors.

Today's blog post:
Today I am sharing a mini tutorial with you on how to create these beautiful butterflies with color and Journey Sparkle Dust.   Be sure to read all the way down too to see the card I added them to.

Fun Stampers Journey (FSJ) has a wonderful product called Journey Sparkle Dust that will allow you to add sparkle to your projects.   It is so easy to do too.

Upper Left:  Plain
Upper Right:  Journey Glaze + Sparkle Dust
Lower Left:  Sweet Berry Re-Inker brushed on + Journey Glaze + Sparkle Dust
Lower Right:  Blue Lagoon Re-Inker sponged on + Journey Glaze - Sparkle Dust

Notes & Directions for Butterflies:
Decide whether you want a color on the butterflies or to leave them plain/natural.
If you brushed or sponged on ink, allow to dry a couple of minutes before going to the next step.
Do NOT shake the Journey Glaze as that may create bubbles in the glaze as you apply.
Journey Glaze creates a high gloss effect on the item.  Can be used on card stock, wood, and many other products.    Personally, I don't feel there is an odor to the glaze.
If you are planning to add Sparkle Dust to the project, add it immediately after putting on the Journey Glaze.  
With the Sparkle Dust I worked over a paper towel and took pinches of the Sparkle Dust and released over the butterfly that had been covered with Journey Glaze.   Found I had very little excess Sparkle Dust on my work surface, so I could just throw away the paper towel when I finished.   

Reminder:   If you are working under a fan or near the air conditioning vent --- Sparkle Dust is lightweight and can travel.   Be cautious of where you are working with it.   If adding Sparkle Dust to a larger item, I suggest putting the Sparkle Dust in a plastic container with lid so that you can work over the container and tap excess back into the container. 

1.   Choose the item to decorate   
2.   Color the item & allow to dry a few minutes
3.   Squeeze on the Journey Glaze filling in the complete area.
4.   Immediately add Sparkle Dust

Directions for Card: 
1.  Create a card base .... Whip Cream Card Stock 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
2,  Stamp leaf image using Green Olive  over the full sheet - this will become your card front and back design.   Then fold in half firmly creasing it to create your card fold.  
3.  Using the Journey Platinum Machine cut out the Hexagon Background on a piece of Cranberry Bliss Card Stock 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"  (perfect fit for the card front).  
     NOTE:   Bloom Tool is a big help in removing the pieces from dies.
4.  Glue Hexagon Background to the card front using Journey Craft Glue.   Glue is added the Hexagon Background piece, then that is placed on your card front.   I went around the edges, then added thin lines of the glue on the other outlines so that the complete piece is adhered to the card front.
5.   Cover the back of the butterflies with Journey Craft Glue.  Apply firm pressure when you do this.
6.   Add a sentiment inside or out.

Definitely a multi-use card.   Change out the background stamp, the embellishment, and the sentiment to create a card for any occasion. 

Fun Stampers Journey Products Used:
Journey Sparkle Dust AC-0013
Journey Glaze AD-0002
Summer Wings AC-0208 (Bloom Benefits)  Spring Into Summer Catalog
Dahlia Burst - set of 5 stamps- SS-0203
Hexagon Background Die DI-0063
Journey Platinum Machine TO-0090
Sweet Berry Re-Inker RI-0010
Blue Lagoon Re-Inker RI-0029
Green Olive Ink Pad IP-0072
Cranberry Bliss Card Stock CS-0090
Whip Cream Card Stock CS-0040
Fusion Ink Sponges JM-0018
Angled Paint Brush (TO-0100) (or brush of your choice)
Journey Craft Glue AD-0111
True Color Fusion Stamp Cleaner IP-0088
Bloom Tool TO-0073

Mary Director
Fun Stampers Journey Coach
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