Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fun Stampers Journey - My Craft Organization - Storing Journey Dies

Trust me I am not always organized.   This weekend I got busy and decided to organized my Fun Stampers Journey storage space.   I can easily access what I need.  Now as I add to my product that I own, I may need to branch out to other areas that I have miscellaneous craft items.   But for now, all of my FSJ items are in one location.

The base is a Closet Maid Cube Organizer.   You can find similar/same at most of the big box stores and sometimes even Big Lots.  You can put canvas cube bags in each cube area.   I have acrylic card stock holders (5 per cube area).   The top (light wood part) is actually 2 stamp case units set side by side by Stamp-N-Storage.   They are made for another company's clear mount stamp sets.   They are perfect for my supplies for Fun Stampers Journey.   The floral blue box (like a shoe box but a bit higher was used for my stamp sets and die sets..   Center cube is for my catalog storage but eventually will be for more stamp sets and die sets too.

All of the Journey Dies come in a envelope type container.   The dies are loose.   I wanted a way to keep them a bit more organized  so I purchased thin/flexible magnetic sheets to put my dies on.  The sheets can be easily cut with scissors.   I put the dies on the magnetic sheet then cut the magnetic sheet down to the size needed.  No waste and they fit easily back into the envelope they came in.

Here are the photos of the dies with the magnetic sheets:

The magnetic sheet does NOT have to exact size of the dies.
As you can see in this photo the dies are larger, but still are adhering well.  

When I took this photo I just set the dies with the magnetic sheets on their envelopes.  That is why you might see what appears to be dies off to the side.  It is actually the photo on the envelope itself.

As you can see, I used all different sizes of the magnetic sheet.   The sheets I purchased were 4" x 12" with 4 sheets to a package.

Even our tiniest dies work well on the magnetic sheet.

Do you need to store your dies on a magnetic sheet?  No, absolutely not.   Fun Stampers Journey does not sell these type of sheets.  You can find them on-line, and I have heard of people even going to their local hardware store and using magnetic vent covers.   There are all kinds of options of what you can use.

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